Discover a formula that’s helping couples have more connected, fulfilling intimacy!

Pleasure Yoga for Partners
(and pairs of single friends)

In this 4-hour workshop you will:

  • FireLearn yoga-based techniques to enhance pleasure and connection.
  • Gain skills to activate, sustain, and amplify genuine turn on.
  • Build confidence in your sensual rapport.

  • Find out the Pleasure Yoga distinction between “naughty” and “nice” and discover how to craft your delectable blend.


This will make a beautiful VALENTINE’S DAY gift to yourself, your partner or others!



What’s going to happen at the workshop?


We will use yoga postures/asanas, a specialized hip-opening series, breath practices/pranayama, visualization, dialogue, movement, shame-free conversations about sensuality and more in the context of learning to create more pleasure in your intimate relationship and your life.

I can’t touch my toes, and I’ve never done yoga… Is this for me?

Yes! The level of physical yoga practice will be gentle, and you will be encouraged to only move in a way that compliments your abilities. You are welcome and encouraged to ask clarifying questions or request modified postures at any point. There is no guilt, shame, judgment, or pressure to push or force the body. There is only the invitation to, gently and with awareness, open your body to more energy and sensation than you ever thought possible.

excited couple

I am single. Can I attend?

Yes! Simply ask a friend you feel comfortable with to accompany you, and be cool that many of the participants may be in partnerships. Exercises will include sensual, but not explicitly sexual, physical contact and shame free conversations about sensuality and desires. Please consider this while selecting your companion.

Is this only for “straight” couples?

The benefit of this work is available to everyone.

What should we bring?

Yoga MatPlease bring a closed container water bottle, notebook, pen, and a healthy snack for yourselves (or to share!) during a short break. Bring a yoga mat for each of you if you can. There are a limited number of yoga mats available for use on site (first come first serve).

You will receive a complete list of what to bring prior to the event.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes you can move in and feel good in. Stretchy, comfy things that breathe are best. Layers are great.

I really want to attend, but I can’t afford it…

There are a limited number of partial exchange opportunities available by application. Contact me for more information.

This looks great, but the date (or location) doesn’t work for me :(


Make sure you’re on our mailing list to find out about upcoming events! Add yourself at the top right of this page. Be sure to click the link in your email right away to confirm your subscription. You’ll receive announcements and occasional pleasure yoga tips (and can opt out any time).

Contact me if you’d like to share suggestions or desires for a future event! I’m also available for private individual, couple, and group sessions (including bachelorette parties, etc.). Available in person and via Skype or phone.

I don’t want to sign up online… What can I do?sweet couple

If you prefer not to use paypal, you may register with me directly by calling (424) 254-8325.

Are registration amounts refundable?

No. Registration is transferable to another couple or (with more than 48 hours notice) future event, but not refundable.

This sounds great, but I think my partner and I want more private attention.

coupla feetI’m also available for private sessions. Read more about that here.

Wait! You haven’t answered my question yet…

Contact me via the contact form, or call at (424) 254-8325.

This is going to be a powerful and connective event.

I hope you choose to join us!

Wishing you Love, Intimacy, and Pleasure,


Pleasure Yoga for Partners (& Pairs of Single Friends)
Saturday, February 15th: 2-6 PM

Albany, CA (near Berkeley)

You’ll receive the exact address in your email confirmation. Street parking available.

Purchase Your Spot for only $149 $125 USD PER COUPLE!
(Early bird special only available until Feb 13th!)