Private Sessions for You

Do you ever feel uncomfortable, silly, or embarrassed when it comes to sensuality?

Do you secretly crave more pleasure?

When we work one-on-one together, you will:

  • Learn yogic tools to enhance pleasure and connection.
  • Gain ways to feel more fulfilled in your intimate relationships
  • Discover how to activate and inspire genuine turn on
  • Build confidence in your sensual expression


What’s going to happen during our session?

I will welcome you into my professional yoga space, or meet you at your workplace or residence.  We will talk about what is going on in your health, your body, your relationship with pleasure, and what you would like to get out of our time together. I will guide you through an individualized set of postures, and support you in opening your body to a fuller flow of energy.  During the final yogic position (resting pose) I will offer a mini Reiki treatment (longer Reiki treatments are available).

Sessions may also include visualization, dialogue, movement, shame-free conversations about sensuality and more. You are welcome and encouraged to ask clarifying questions or request modified postures at any point during our time together.

I can’t touch my toes, and I have never done yoga… Is this for me?

Yes! The level of physical yoga practice will be gentle, and you will be encouraged to only move in a way that compliments your abilities. One major benefit of a one-on-one session is that we start exactly where you are at, and have the luxury of catering each and every posture to your personal opening.  There is no guilt, shame, judgment, or pressure to push or force the body.  There is only the invitation to, gently and with awareness, open your body to more energy and sensation than you ever thought possible.

What should I bring?

Please bring a closed container water bottle, notebook, pen, and anything else that will help you feel comfortable. Mats are available at the studio, or you are welcome to bring your own.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes you can move in and feel good in. Stretchy, comfy things that breathe are best. Layers are great.

Is this a sex thing?

This body of work is about helping you increase your vitality, well being, and pleasure. One of the side benefits may be an improved sex life. Similarly, if there is room for improvement in your relationship with vitality, well being, and pleasure, it will often make itself apparent in sexual relationships.

I’m ready to find out more!  What’s the next step?

For more information or to schedule your first session, complete the form below or phone me at 424-254-8325.

I look forward to meeting you!

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