I follow the Aliveness

CafeI’m at a hotel, and I feel hungry for Italian food. I go to the concierge desk, and the young brunette woman greets me with a bright smile and asks, “How can I help you?” She seems to have a genuine desire to serve, and a desire to please. Essentially a great concierge ready to do her job and well. I feel lightness in my body.

I ask, “Are there any good Italian places nearby?”

Her smile shifts, subtly; becomes less bright. I notice my energy and internal sense of being feels lower/heavier.

She says, with a barely perceptible trace of reticence, “There are a couple Italian places nearby,” and goes on to describe two options; their names and where they are located.

I can tell she’s not keen on either of the places.

My energy still feel lower in my body; heavier.

Dear reader, I must confess: I have a preference; a bias. I want to feel more lightness of being; more aliveness. As though every part of me, all my cells, are uplifted with a subtle electrical signal.

This is a small example, a passing moment. LightsNothing too important and nothing at stake… (except maybe a satisfying meal!) but this is what I look and feel for when I make choices in general.

I say, “Thanks.” I squint my eyes a little and lean forward. “Are there any really good places nearby? Not necessarily expensive. But, you know, good?”

She thinks about it for a moment, and her energy seems to brighten. I feel lighter, more lit up and excited in my body, too.

She mentions a few more different options. I mentally select one that seems close by and that she seems generally excited about. I thank her with a slight bow forward, honoring her time and her professional commitment to service.

(Incidentally, the bow thing is something I took on when I visited Japan many years ago. The way of being felt so honoring and right… I have found myself frequently bowing slightly forward to express appreciation ever since.)

I arrive at the restaurant to discover a 45 minute wait time. Doable, but not ideal.

I accept their suggestion for a nearby place. Behold, it is an Italian restaurant!

Why is any of this of interest?

It is one easy example to share and talk about. One micro of the macro. Essentially many many experiences are like this. It can apply to choices about what movie to see, where to go on vacation, where to live, what step to take next professionally, and more.

Where to go?The same ideas apply to my experience of working with clients. As a life and yoga coach I ask questions, and follow the threads of aliveness. With clients working on general well being or physical health issues such as RSI, scoliosis, migraines, etc., I offer postures and tools to allow more aliveness to flow. More aliveness often means more wellness, vitality and pleasure.

In sessions and talks on how to feel more confident and attractive, I encourage women to find their own unique expression of sexy. We call it, “sexy” but the underlying question is, “Where does your aliveness live? Where is it sourced from in you? Where does it flow easily, and where is it blocked by personality, shame, or habit?” I watch women discover more comfort in their skin and more enjoyment of their own bodies. It is extraordinary.

I encourage you, dear reader, to notice when, where, and how you feel the presence of aliveness in your day-to-day life and choice making.

As always, please let me know if I can be of assistance.

With warmth and appreciation,


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