Pleasure Yoga

Increase pleasure, feel more healthy, and love your body!

My name is Marna. I offer practical, useful tools for enjoying more pleasure in your life. These tools may drastically improve:

  • Day to day experiences including work, jogging, or whatever you normally do!
  • Intimate relationships with loved ones!
  • Feeling great about yourself, and wonderful in your own skin!

Why pleasure?

There is a sad pandemic in Western culture where people, especially women, are perpetually dissatisfied with their bodies and their visceral experiences.

Pleasure is our birthright… As natural beings, as animals, and as conscious loving humans.

I’m excited to share tools for wholistic wellness and feelings of embodied joy (i.e. pleasure!) with you!

What I do

I am passionate about helping people feel more alive and release shame about their sensuality.

It’s a little different in a workshop or private, but in both I ask what is going on and what the client would wish to be different.

With a couple, if there is time for a longer session, I some times like to talk with them individually, too. Oftentimes topics arise individually about their experience with their partner that they don’t know how to say out loud yet.

I help them find words and hold the whole thing as a really sacred opportunity. It helps facilitate among the intellectual, emotional, energetic, and wild self within an individual and with the other’s set of all that as well. If you think of each individual as a community of self it often feels like a meeting of the tribes.

Why Yoga?

Yoga refers to union. To yoke, become one. Within the self. It helps generate congruence within the self. If each of the selves has it’s own vibration, the amalgam of which creates the individual, the fields are most powerful when the are aligned; and the center of one is the center of all. Yoga also has technologies for removing / dispelling blockages in the electrical/physical fields, etc. There are 72000 “astral tubes” / energy channels called nadis. These get blocked and gummed up some times. Some times thru trauma, other times just thru life. I have been doing energy work / Reiki for about 16 years, so I can sometimes feel where blockages are. If there is a blockage within the self, there is also a blockage to connection with other.

So I can help with energy work and yogic practices to help balance vibration, release blockages, and raise energy. Some practices are independent. Others help weave and amplify energy between people.

But if there isn’t congruence and harmony available to the individual, it can be an obstacle for a couple. Which doesn’t mean we all have to get enlightened and stay there. There are practices to help in the moment. As with any practice, the more regularly you practice, the easier it is to attain your desired flow in the moment. For answers to some FAQ’s click here.

If you haven’t already done so, stay in touch by signing up for the Increase Your Pleasure mini course and Pleasure Yoga Tips. You can also read more about my services here.

I’m glad you’re here, and I look forward to knowing you!

Wishing you Love, Intimacy, and Pleasure,

Marna - Founder of Pleasure Yoga

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